Onboarding means the structured incorporation of new staff and integration into the company. Of course, professional familiarization comes first: after all, employees should be able to work as quickly as possible and get an accurate picture of what belongs to their area of responsibility and responsibilities. But also all organizational aspects that are personally important for the employee in addition to the actual work, play a crucial role in the motivation: the uncomplicated conclusion of the contract, getting to know the benefits of the company, but also questions on the subjects of vacation, illness and training in the Clarified the scope of onboarding.

Why Onboarding

An intensive onboarding saves time and money: Employees are fully operational faster, but they are also more motivated to meet their new challenges. After all, from the beginning they feel that they are an important part of the company and that their information-sharing needs are addressed. Playful elements in an onboarding app increase the motivation additionally. But not only new employees benefit from it – even existing staff is relieved by a good induction phase.


  • Save time while onboarding
  • Reduce training costs
  • Communicate sustainable knowledge
  • New employees achieve fuller performance faster
  • They feel motivated and valued right from the start
  • You are loyal to your company
  • They recommend your company as an attractive employer
  • The efficiency and readiness of your workforce grows and the fluctuation decreases