Compliance Training


LMS for Compliance Training

LMS for Compliance Training Awareness and Training on Compliances within an organization is imperative and thus a vital function for HR and the L&D team members. It is critical to educate employees about appropriate work culture, safety measures and legal guidelines to follow. Adherence to these mandatory compliances assures a conducive work environment. Failure to meet the policies set forth or displaying appropriate work ethics on an employee’s part may result to loss to company in the form of penalties.

Instances of Harassment at Workplace (Sexual, Mental or Physical Abuse), Information Security breach, Discrimination (on basis of Gender, Inequality, pay disparity), etc. are risks to organizations. An LMS specifically for compliance training is the most suited solution to train as well as reinforce such compliances. Compliance@Workplace an extension of VioletLMS is the ultimate companion, where your employees can train not only through eLearning courses but also attending Classroom Training (Physical or Virtual)

Why LMS for Compliance Training?

Training in majority organizations is totally pushed based, there is a constant need of reminding and tracking course or training completion and maintaining records for the same is equally important. An LMS shall solve both these core requirements.

Conventional approach to Compliance training can often be a time consuming, boring and a tedious activity. An

LMS allows to provide the compliance trainings in the form of interactive course, which may interest the learners

to complete this mandatory exercise.