Training Management System

Training Management System

With Violet TMS you will do more than train your employees. You will advance your staff. To stay the best in today’s changing and competitive environment, you need to forget the old learning management systems (LMS) that offered only general learning for all. On the other hand, providing too many training resources has the effect of frustrating your employees and does not align their efforts with the needs of your business. 

Violet TMS is the only business training management solution that delivers the skills your employees need to do their job better (as part of what they’re trying to do) and prepare the company for future challenges, in order to significantly improve performance.


Optimize the capabilities of your staff

Violet TMS has been the leading solution in the training industry for more than 20 years and our experience continues to inspire our innovative approach to design. We offer the most intuitive and up-to-date user experience available today.We enable your employees to easily find and locate (or even provide) the exact training they need, to bridge skill gaps, boost performance, foster talent agility and manage a pool of leaders.

Best Features

With Violet LMS you can get the best


Thanks to adaptable training plans, a visual calendar of priorities and tasks and an individualized vision of the progress of training, it is possible to take, with one click, the appropriate measures to the context and your employees can easily track and measure the results of their efforts.


The flexible, engaging and responsive design and the notification system make it easy for every employee, regardless of function, to take the training they need, whether they are traveling from a remote location, online or offline, and ensure that training is prioritized and accessible when and how it prefers to follow it


We tailor training recommendations and personalize them according to the needs and preferences of each one, so that your employees remain motivated and continue to train without being tedious.

Innovate in training delivery

Violet TMS ensures that your learning is targeted and effective, with distribution options tailored to the needs of different audiences and flexibility to cover all learning styles and even meet the complex training needs of compliance or continuing education to minimize organizational risks.


Easy with Violet TMS

Professional development opportunities are one of the most powerful levers at your disposal to better engage and motivate your staff; So, why not give your employees tools that combine training and content with key career development measures, such as goals, skills, abilities, and requirements of the job?

Provide each function in your organization with its own tools to visualize the information and operational priorities that are most important to it and to verify that the actions taken contribute to development. 

Enable knowledge acceleration through a collaborative approachPromote informal training by providing trained individuals with a full range of common tools and practices to collaborate and share knowledge on any topic or activity. Provide social feedback and feedback, including tools for subject matter experts to easily create content.