The Survey module provides online surveys with definable questions and answers. The respective evaluation shows the average minimum and maximum valuations. For comments of the users, input fields can be activated for each answer option. These can be called up in the administrator panel

The progress of the survey is displayed to the user / visitor via a progress bar. If the survey has been completely edited, the results will be blocked. Completed surveys will continue to be offered to a system-managed user for viewing. Website visitors without registration can view the survey until the session expires.

Violet LMS: A Handy User-Friendly Tool that allows effective Management of Surveys

Our System makes it easy to create, host, sort & manage surveys! It helps you better manage the essential aspects of your business like Customers, Brand, Product/Services, Sales-Market Research and Employee Engagement & Satisfaction (Based on QWL -Quality of Work-life Framework) .


Types of Violet LMS Surveys

Event Surveys

Student Feedback

Anonymous Surveys

Market Research

360 ° Feedback

Multilingual Surveys

Features & Benefits

Violet SMS Provides with full support 24*7

1 . Professional, web-based, highly scalable & cross-platform survey management system.

2 . Online surveys are created with the help of an intuitive questionnaire editor

3 . Easily create online questionnaires using intuitive questionnaire editor

4 . Questionnaires optimized for display on all devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)

5 . Intuitive use: Even inexperienced users can quickly create sophisticated online surveys with just few clicks.

6 . Integration of own logos, graphics & videos

7 . Complete input management and business intelligence system

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More than ” just ” a survey : The innovative VioletSMS Insight platform as a highly scalable input and enterprise feedback management system and helps you analyze with one go .

VioletSMS is a web-based survey tool, and due to its high scalability it is very popular with large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies prefer to use the system because it meets all the requirements for their Survey.

With VioletSMS, you can do much more than “just” create surveys, collect and analyze data. Over the years, the system has been driven by the needs of our customers and the market and has matured from the enterprise feedback management system to a holistic solution for enterprise input management. Easy and seamless integration with existing workflow, Special solutions for the areas of HR, market research and customer experience complete the service portfolio of VioletSMS.